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Virtual Influencer

Virtual influencers are not real people, but computer-generated figures or digital avatars based on people, which are becoming increasingly popular. In this context, the term CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Influencer is often used. They are designed to promote a promising marketing of a brand, a product, a service or a service of well-known and established brands on social media.
They have their own accounts on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube or Instagram, for which they are given their own identity, which makes them appear human and real to other users of the platform. Lu do Magalu is one of the best-known virtual influencers.
One of the biggest advantages of brand-owned Virtual Influencers, is the personality of the avatar, as it can be fully customised to the brand values. This includes the outer appearance, articulation, gestures, environment, lifestyle, as well as the topics and content that the character is supposed to convey. All content is one hundred per cent branded, as it follows a script.

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