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Influencer Marketing stands out from the advertising noise

Every day we come into contact with thousands of advertising messages on the internet, television, radio etc., all competing for our attention. The sheer endless "flood of advertising" that pelts us in everyday life means that individual advertising messages are lost and only very few are consciously noticed. In other words, the majority of advertising campaigns and measures only reach the customer superficially and do not influence their buying behaviour. It is therefore not uncommon for large advertising budgets to be invested in campaigns that only achieve limited success. So how is it possible for companies to make their own advertising more targeted and efficient?

The key is Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing

As an Influencer Marketing Agency,we support companies in Munich, Hanover, Stuttgart and throughout Germany in breaking new ground and thus gaining the interest of their target group. As part of such marketing measures, companies benefit from an influencer's community on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. For the influencer this means a useful additional income and for the company, the opportunity to reach the fans of the testimonial and no longer get lost in the advertising noise. A win-win situation!

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Influencer are the stars of a whole generation

Influencer Marketing Agentur

Influencers are personalities who have built up a large number of followers online on social media channels such as YouTube or Instagram. In the US, for example, Kylie Jenner has become the youngest self-made billionaire based on her own cosmetics line – and it all started with her Instagram platform. In Germany, too, names like Julian Bam or Lisa and Lena have long since ceased to stand for unknown fringe phenomena, but for stars of an entire generation. On their platforms in the social networks, they share their content and interact with their community.
Fans follow their stars' posts with great interest and gain exciting insights into the influencers' everyday lives. This creates a strong relationship of trust between the Influencer and the community – because the star is experienced up close via the social media channels!


Small, but what a performance!
Micro Influencer should not be neglected

Micro Influencers have a smaller number of followers compared to the influencing giants. Instead of millions of followers, they have on average between 5.000-10.000 followers. However, this smaller number of fans makes it easier for them to get in touch and interact with them, which makes the relationship and trust between micro influencers and community particularly strong. For this reason, followers are also more responsive and usually more willing to buy advertised products or share them with other users. Therefore, the advertising effectiveness of micro influencers shout not be underestimated.

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How does Influencer Marketing work?


On social networks, the user actively approaches the advertisement – not the other way around. The use of micro-influencers can even pay off more than that of a more popular testimonial due to the closer connection to the fans and their greater responsiveness. For the influencer marketing campaign to be as effective as possible, the product should be promoted by a testimonial whose other content and posts are in line with it.

Are you looking for testimonials for your Influencer marketing campaign?

If you are looking for suitable testimonials for your Influencer Marketing campaign in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf or Cologne, then the Influencer Marketing agency the models is the right partner for you! As we are constantly developing as a model agency operating throughout Germany and internationally, we have also expanded our extensive database to include a large number of influencers.

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We put you in touch with our testimonials, who promote your products and services on social networks and thus generate interest for them and for your brand. Whether you are looking for an Instagram Influencer, YouTube Influencer, or a testimonial from another platform - you will find what you are looking for in our database! We focus on professionalism and effectiveness in our testimonials and deliver the right face for your campaign!

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Do you have what it takes to be a testimonial and want to become an influencer?

Do you dream of a side job as an influencer? Are you wondering what you need to bring to the table? If you have a (small or large) loyal community that follows your social media activities with interest - and you would like to show your followers even more great products and brands, if it is your passion to get in touch with your fans and followers and interact with them daily on Facebook, Instagram and the like, then you should become an influencer! As one of our testimonials, we'll put you in touch with our customers and get your career moving. Apply now at our Influencer Agency and get one step closer to your dream part-time job!

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