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Hello, my darlings, and welcome to my new video!”

This is how Bianca Claßen aka @bibisbeautypalace welcomes viewers to her YouTube channel twice a week. With over 5.6 million subscribers, the 26-year-old from Cologne has been leading the list of Germany's most successful YouTube influencers for several years now. Companies also know how to use this reach for their own benefit, and they pay a lot of money for YouTube influencers like "Bibi" to promote their products and services. Of course, there are also smaller influencers with whom small and medium-sized companies in particular successfully boost their sales. Whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 subscribers, whether you are a gaming, lifestyle or beauty YouTuber - as a professional Influencer Agency, we can find the right YouTube Influencer for you!

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How does YouTube Marketing work?

In YouTube marketing, influencers present products and services to their subscribers that are provided to them by companies free of charge. Depending on the reach of the YouTube channel and the value of the product, the providing company also pays a fee to the YouTube influencer. When creating the promotional video, there are no limits to the creativity of the cooperation partners. Common formats are for example:

YouTube Influencer
  • The Haul-Video, in which a series of newly acquired products is briefly presented – a format used primarily by fashion and beauty YouTubers.
  • The Unboxing-Video, in which the influencer unpacks the package sent by the company live in front of the camera and describes his or her first impression.
  • The Test video, in which the YouTube Influencer tries out the product for the first time and films himself.
  • The Tutorial, in which YouTubers show their community how to use a product correctly – a kind of instruction manual in video form.
  • The Review-Video, in which the influencer reports on his or her previous experiences with a product.

How a product is ultimately advertised in YouTube marketing is either specified by the company or freely decided by the cooperation partner.

As an influencer agency, we arrange promising cooperations for successful YouTube marketing!

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Influencer marketing is the advertising tool of the modern age. No wonder: with around 1.5 billion active users per month, the reach is enormous – especially among 25 to 44-year-olds. But where can companies actually find suitable YouTube influencers and what should they look out for in their search?


This is where we come in as an influencer agency! Based on years of experience, we have created a large database of selected influencers in which a suitable advertising face can be found for just about any project.

Where can companies find professional and reliable YouTube Influencers?

This is where we come in as an influencer agency! Based on years of experience, we have created a large database of selected influencers in which a suitable advertising face can be found for just about any project.
Are you looking for a micro- or macro-influencer? Do you need a gaming, fitness or beauty YouTuber for your campaign? No problem! We provide you with social media professionals from a wide range of industries who are creative and reliable and have a genuine community that is eager to interact. Upon request, we will be happy to send you a selection of testimonials that fit you, your project and your budget - so save yourself the time of searching for influencers and benefit from our know-how!

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Become a YouTube Influencer


If you want to become a YouTube Influencer yourself, you can easily apply online. As a professional influencer agency, we receive a wide variety of requests from clients every day and are therefore always on the lookout for new, reliable social media professionals. So, if you yourself are active as a fashion, travel, gaming or beauty YouTuber in Germany, simply fill out our online application form! We arrange exciting collaborations for our influencers that are not only lucrative, but also provide material for new, varied content!

Application YouTube Influencer

YouTube influencers who do not yet have a particularly large reach can also apply to us - a close relationship of trust with the community and a good interaction rate are much more important to us.

If you don't have a YouTube channel but are active on Instagram or your own blog, you can of course also apply to our influencer agency!