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In June 2018, Instagram broke the mark of one billion active users - and has long been a serious competitor for Facebook and YouTube. In Germany alone, there are currently around 15 million users - and where there are many people, companies are not long in coming. Brand giants and small businesses reach important target groups via Instagram and rely on a very special marketing tool: Instagram influencers!

As an influencer agency, we can also provide you with reliable, creative Instagram influencers who suit your company - contact us now for successful social media marketing!

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How does Instagram Marketing work?

With more than a billion users Instagram has become an indispensable advertising platform for companies. But how does Instagram work exactly?


In Instagram marketing, companies use this influence for themselves by having their products or services promoted by influencers. From a simple product photo in the Instagram feed to a multi-part unboxing story – there are no limits to the creativity of social media stars. However, it is crucial for the success of influencer marketing that the cooperation is authentic - influencer and company must fit together.

And this is where we come in as an Instagram influencer agency!

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Companies that want to find Instagram influencers should pay special attention to authenticity. If a vegan promotes leather handbags on her Instagram profile, this is not only untrustworthy, but also damaging to her image. Moreover, the community of a celebrity vegan is simply not the target group that brings sales to a leather goods shop. This example is of course very extreme and most likely the influencer in question would never enter into such a cooperation anyway. Nevertheless, there are many comparable cases in which Instagram influencers and companies do not fit together. And the followers should by no means be underestimated: Although Instagram users usually know that a post is advertising because it is marked as such, they react very sensitively if there is no connection between the paid post and the influencer's other posts. Why is a fashion blogger suddenly constantly recommending her coffee machine? And why is a fitness coach suddenly promoting his smartphone? If such inconsistencies appear more frequently, followers become sceptical and no longer perceive such posts as sincere recommendations.


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So where can businesses find authentic Instagram influencers?

For a successful campaign, the Instagram influencer should serve the same style and topic area as you, not be involved in any scandals, have a large (not bought!) community as well as high interaction rates and, of course, produce high-quality content. The search for the right influencer therefore takes time – a resource that is scarce in many companies.
And this is where we come in! As an Instagram influencer agency, we have a large database with a wide variety of influencers: from gamers and travel bloggers to beauty queens and from micro influencers with 5,000 followers to the very big social media stars. Based on years of experience, we put together a selection of suitable influencers for each project that fits your budget and send them to you!


Send us your non-binding booking request now and let's find suitable Instagram influencers together!

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Become an Instagram Influencer

You want to become an Instagram Influencer yourself? Then apply to our influencer agency now! Due to the high number of enquiries, we are of course always on the lookout for new, promising influencers. So, if you have an Instagram channel that you regularly fill with exciting and high-quality content on the topic of beauty, lifestyle, kids, travel, technology or another topic, send us your Influencer application!

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You are just starting out and your community is not yet that big? No problem! Our Instagram agency also receives requests from many micro influencers who don't have as many followers, but who have a closer relationship of trust with them.

If you are not active on Instagram but on YouTube or your own blog, you are also welcome to apply!